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Alternative Easter Gift Ideas

Posted on March 29 2018

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate... pretty much everyone loves chocolate but at Easter time you can sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of chocolate that you are given and your body also doesn't appreciate the amount that you eat. Here are some alternative gift ideas that you can give your loved ones this Easter...



Pjs are always a winner and a great gift to receive just before it starts to get cold. There are plenty of Easter style pjs around to keep in the Easter spirit as well.



Instead of giving something that tastes good maybe you could give a gift that smells good. Have a look for a candle that smell relates to Easter activities, such as chocolate and hot cross buns.


Tea Cup

Who doesn't have a collection of tea cups sitting in their cupboards at home, why not add another one? Maybe you could even find a cute egg cup so that a different kind of egg can be enjoyed. 


Creamy Liqueur

For something a bit stronger than chocolate, why not give a creamy or chocolatey liqueur as a gift so that chocolate taste can still be enjoyed and shared among everyone. Try Baileys or Father O'Learys.

Have a great Easter long weekend,

Ashleigh xx


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