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Autumn is Here

Posted on February 01 2019

We may not be ready for it yet but today is the first day of Autumn and that means that the weather is about to get colder. How annoying is it when it's cold in the morning and then gets warm in the afternoon, its so hard to decide what to wear! Here are a few trans seasonal pieces that will make deciding what to wear a little easier...
You won't find a trans seasonal piece more perfect that the Lydia Top! It's light weight but it's sleeves give a bit more warmth. Wear it over some jeans with some boots or tuck it into a denim skirt and add some sneakers.
A pair of black jeans is a must have in any wardrobe and our Gelato Legs in Black HW are the most comfortable jeans you will ever own! Dress them up or down, wear them with a cute knit or a plain tee depending on how the weather is.
Your denim jacket will never get worn more than it does in Autumn! Our Jemma Denim Jacket is so easy to take on and off as you need. Wear it over the top of a dress or with a pair of jeans.
Who doesn't love a good mustard dress in Autumn? The Grace Dress features a great material for any weather. Wear it with a denim jacket and boots for when it's cooler or some slides and a hat when it's a sunny day.
Have a great weekend,
Ashleigh xx


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